Mother, daughter journey to D.C. as part of veteran honor flight

DAUGHTER AND MOTHER — l.-r., Neilani Marsh and Jacqueline Wells of Albion have been chosen to take part in the Nebraska Female Veterans Flight on Sept. 24. The pair will travel to D.C. with other women veterans to visit memorials and sites.

By Gabby Christensen
Over 40 years ago, Navy veteran Jacqueline Wells of Albion made the honorable decision to serve her country by joining the United States Navy.
It was in the year 1977 that she set out on this life-altering journey, which led her across the world to places such as Hawaii and Japan.
Stationed in California, Wells was a radioman 1st Class on the U.S.S. Kiska when she retired in 1997.
Now, in less than two weeks, Wells will embark on another journey—this time, she’ll take flight with 135 fellow women veterans to travel to Washington, D.C., as part of the Nebraska Female Veterans Flight on Sept. 24.
The flight is led by Bill and Evonne Williams of Omaha, who operate Patriotic Productions, an organization that has flown 3,500 World War II, Korean War and Vietnam War veterans to the nation’s capital to view memorials and sites.
A banquet will be held the evening before the flight. Joining the veterans and their families will be Loretta Switt, who portrayed Maj. Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan on the American War Comedy-Drama Television series, “M*A*S*H.”
A welcome home ceremony will take place around 8:30 p.m. at Eppley Airfield in Omaha, in which the public is invited to attend.
Wells, who served a total of 20 years in the Navy, said this opportunity provides veterans a chance to cope with any struggles they’ve faced since returning home. It’s also a chance to get to know other veterans and hear their stories.
Joining Wells on the trip will be her daughter, Neilani Marsh, who served in the Navy for a total of eight years, with four in active duty.

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