Newman Grove service member headed for long deployment in Kuwait

THOMPSON FAMILY — Nicole and Grant Thompson holding twins Evelyn and Isaac, with sons (front) Lincoln and Gavin.

By Gabby Christensen
No one understands overcoming obstacles quite like Grant and Nicole Thompson of Newman Grove.
Life has given the couple their fair share of struggles.
But despite this, one thing is forever certain — when the Thompsons are handed lemons, they promptly make lemonade.
The Thompsons, who recently moved to Newman Grove to be closer to family in Iowa, are parents of four young children: Gavin, age eight; Lincoln, age six; and Isaac and Evelyn, age three.
Just 19 days after the birth of their twins, the couple received the most devastating news of their lives—their oldest son, Gavin, had lymphoblastic leukemia.
While this certainly threw the family for a loop, Nicole Thompson said they were determined to remain strong and positive.
Today, Gavin is in remission. He currently receives chemotherapy and spinal taps monthly.
Last month, South Side Lounge in Newman Grove, along with Fire & Iron MC Station 102, hosted the annual “Ride It or Drive It” Benefit Poker Run to support those affected by childhood cancer. Gavin was one of the three children honored at the event.
Thompson described her son as resilient.
“He is a stubborn, adorable little red-head,” Thompson said. “We have to laugh and enjoy the good times because there’s no other way to do it.”
The family now faces another difficult trial, as Thompson is deploying for Kuwait next month.
Thompson, who departed today for training in Fort Worth, TX, has been a member of the Army National Guard for 10 years now.
Her unit is based out of Des Moines, IA. She will be traveling with 650 other soldiers, as part of the 34th Infantry Division, which is comprised of soldiers from Iowa and Minnesota.
During the mission, Thompson will work as a human resources specialist and work to track personnel. The deployment will last for 10 months.
Thompson, who has never been overseas, is glad to have the opportunity to serve her country in this way, but also realizes she will miss some milestones.
To cope, Thompson has prepared her family for their time apart.
“I have presents for all of the upcoming holidays already wrapped,” she said.
Thompson even has clothes lined up for when her children grow out of their current items.

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