Board considers county merit pay

Boone County Commissioners are considering a merit based pay system for county employees to replace the longevity pay system that has been in place since 1979.
However, action on the new system was tabled after several hours of discussion Monday, Sept. 17.
As proposed, the new merit based pay system would start Dec. 22, 2018.
Under the new system, department supervisors would meet with each employee in their departments for evaluation each year in early November, and the merit pay would be established by the end of the calendar year to be implemented for the new year. Merit based pay would range from zero to 12 cents per hour, with the level determined by the supervisor.
The employee performance evaluations would be placed in the employee’s personnel file, with the performance pay levels forwarded to the commissioners for their review at the first meeting in December each year. After review, the board would submit the merit pay levels to the County Clerk’s office to prepare the payroll system for the upcoming calendar year.
The merit pay would be in addition to cost of living raises customarily given each year.
Elected officials are not eligible for the merit pay program. Appointed department heads and chief deputies would only be eligible for the merit pay program starting Dec. 22, 2018.
There were questions about who would act as supervisor to determine merit pay for various departments and/or appointive department heads, and it was decided that a chart would be drawn up to show who would make these final determinations.
Other amended portions of the employee handbook dealt with employee classifications, compensatory time, vacation time, sick leave, and donating sick leave due to catastrophic illness.
One point of debate involved the policy on employees who could not travel to work due to inclement weather and whether they would be required to use vacation time.
The board met Monday with department heads and employees to discuss the handbook changes. Further discussion is planned on Oct. 9.

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