Online land sale held Nov. 8: 10 tracts bring nearly $10 million

Ten tracts of agricultural land in Boone and Madison counties were sold in an unreserved online auction by BigIron Realty last Thursday, Nov. 8.
The 10 tracts included 1,594 acres, and brought a total of $9,901,586. There were 1,098 bids placed during the auction.
Five tracts were sold in Boone County, including three irrigated parcels totaling 560 acres, and two dryland crop parcels totaling 315.3 acres. A top price of $7,300 per acre was paid for a 160-acre irrigated tract in Boone County. The other two irrigated parcels in Boone County brought $6,900 per acre for 160 acres and $6,800 per acre for 240 acres.
Top bids for the dry cropland in Boone County were $7,200 for a 155.3-acre tract, and $5,760 per acre for a 160-acre tract.
Five tracts, containing 719 total acres, were sold in Madison County, and all parcels were dryland.
Top bid for the Madison County land was $8,450 per acre for a 79.08 acre parcel. Top bids for the other Madison County parcels ranged from a low of $3,460 per acre up to $6,300 per acre.
BigIron Realty stated this land auction marks the first time the company has sold more than $9 million in real estate online, and it was also the largest online land auction in Nebraska for 2018.