County approves 911 communications merger

At their Nov. 13 meeting, Boone County Commissioners approved and signed a finalized interlocal agreement for a 911 communications merger between Boone and Nance counties.
The agreement outlines that Boone County will provide dispatching services, facilities, employees, equipment and software to operate the enhanced 911 system and will perform all dispatching for emergency response for the citizens of Boone and Nance counties. Boone County will also provide public safety support as needed of the citizens and the public safety agencies within both Boone and Nance Counties.
In order to facilitate the transition, Nance County has agreed to pay Boone County an initial one-time fee of $30,000.
Nance County will also pay, on an annual basis, the sum of $108,265. The annual payment will increase three percent in year two. For the third year, the payment will increase an additional three percent.
At the end of year three, the counties will negotiate for the continuation of dispatching services to be provided by Boone County, unless Nance County indicates that it no longer desires to contract with Boone County and gives notice of its intention to terminate the agreement.
As part of the agreement, Boone County will receive the remaining fund balances held in the Nance County E-911 Fund #2913, Nance County E-911 Holding Fund #2914, and the land line 911 fund #2910.
Before transferring the remaining funds to Boone County, Nance County will use these funds for expenses related to this transition.
Additionally, a compatible CAD system will be necessary for this merger, and there will be expenses with Platte Valley Communications related to the transfer of radio communications that will be funded in whole or in part with said funds before or after the transfer.
Moving forward, Boone County, will be responsible for the cost of providing trunk lines and/or phone lines needed to forward emergency calls from Nance to Boone counties.

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