Commissioners approve equipment buys for merged 911 communications

At their regular meeting last Wednesday, Nov. 28, Boone County Commissioners approved the use of 911 wireless set-aside funds out of the 2914 account to pay for the purchase of new equipment for the 911 communications merger with Nance County.
Nebraska Public Service Commission gave the nod to use the set-aside funds for the following equipment:
Justice Data CAD: $32,000; GeoComm mapping upgrade: $29,937; Platte Valley Communications, hardware for CAD and mapping: $28,421.06; Platte Valley Communications, logging recorder upgrade: $3,550; and GeoComm, address point layer map updates: $14,476.
The total comes to $108,384.06.
Nance County is paying an initial one-time fee of $30,000 to Boone County, and will also pay an annual fee of $108,265 for the shared communications system.
By approving all of these items, the Wireless Advisory Board hopes to offer some incentive and encourage others to consolidate or join other regions, as well.
Also at their meeting, commissioners approved the purchase of a new consolette for the merger, totaling $11,110.20, which will be paid out of the 2910 account. The consolette will allow Boone County to communicate with Nance County.
In early December, Platte Valley Communications will begin reprogramming all county radios.
Employee Concerns
Commissioners also met with County Highway Superintendent Stacey Ziemba to discuss some employee concerns regarding the employee handbook. Employees had questions about compensatory time. Commissioners decided it’s best to cite the federal Fair Labor Standards Act within the employee handbook in order to accurately define comp time and how it is accrued.

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