Newman Grove

Newman Grove native Tim Krueger celebrates 50 years of league bowling

Tim Krueger

By Gabby Christensen
Tim Krueger of Newman Grove remembers his first time bowling like it was yesterday.
At just 10 years old, Krueger fell in love with the sport after his first throw.
“I was just hooked,” Krueger said.
Fast forward four years, Krueger found himself joining his first league team as a freshman in high school.
Fifty years later, Krueger is still bowling every week on the Shell Creek league in Newman Grove.
In fact, since 1980, Krueger has been managing the Newman Grove Bowl.
He never intended to fill the manager role, but when the president of the board asked him to take over for a couple weeks until they found new management, he obliged.
“I guess they still haven’t found a manager,” Krueger joked. “And I’m still here.”
Krueger said the bowling alley offers a lot more to the community than most might realize.
“It’s a place for folks to socialize,” Krueger said. “A lot of the time, people don’t even care how they bowl. It’s just something fun to do when you’re having a night out with friends.”
Krueger said the sport allows people to exercise both their mind and body.
“You use every muscle of your body when you bowl,” Krueger said. “Plus, a lot of thinking and strategy goes into it.”
His fondest memories of bowling date back to when he bowled for the 9 Pin No Tap League, in which he traveled every weekend to tournaments with his fellow bowlers.
According to Krueger, the sport has been declining in recent years.
He’s not sure why less people are bowling, but nevertheless he still encourages everyone to give it a shot.
“Our high school leagues have done really well over the years,” Kreuger said. “They have a lot to be proud of and I’m really proud of them. I hope to see more people continue the sport.”