Council considers possible changes in new well plans

Albion City Council began discussions last Tuesday, Dec. 11, on various parts of a new city well project that could be set for construction early next year.
The council reviewed the proposal letter, as well as final plans and specifications from JEO Consulting Group, Inc.
JEO presented a final opinion of cost at $512,000 for the well, trnasmission main, and water main looping/blending line.
The project includes water main connecting the new well with the city water tower, as well as a main connecting the tower with existing Well #3 in the fairgrounds and an additional entry point to the city’s water system.
The additional water mains in the system could allow for blending of water from all of the city’s currently operating wells. Blending of water could be used to reduce the amount of selenium entering the city’s system through Well #3, which has tested above allowable limits for selenium.
Well #3 is currently a backup well only for emergency use. It is not used in daily operation of the water system. By blending water from this well with water from the existing well and the future well, Well #3 could be taken off emergency only status.
In reviewing the plans, Councilman Jon Porter discussed possibly amending the design for ease of operation and access for future maintenance of the well and valves.
Roger Protzan, JEO project engineer, was not present for the Dec. 11 meeting. He will be contacted regarding the possible changes, and a special council meeting may be held later this month to discuss amendments to the well project.
Final plans must be reviewed and approved by the council before bid-letting. Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services must approve the plans before construction.

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