Newman Grove

NG blood drive collects 53 units

The Dec. 13, 2018 Newman Grove Blood Drive had 51 presenting donors with a count of 53 productive units and a goal of 54.
Double Red donors were Daniel Wondercheck, Ardell Kyncl, Verdell Nelson, Chad Fehringer, Brian Wallin, Mark Knust, Scott Nelson, Gene Sarniak and John Williamson.
First time donor was Dominik Cuevas.
Award donors were Lynn Wondercheck, nine gallons; Chad Fehringer, three gallons; Mark Knust, seven gallons; and Deb Koester-Jacobson, two gallons.
Newman Grove donors were Jerry Lyon, Butch Osten, Karen Jacobson, Teresa Wondercheck, Ralph Pieke, Kathy Strong, Mark Seier, Chad King, Kari Fehringer, Diane Miller, Meghan Flood, Fawn Steiff, Joan Sokol, Linda Mostek, Nolan Wondercheck, Deb Koester-Jacobson, Linda Patzel, Daniel Wondercheck, Connie Flood, Elizabeth Williamson, Kathy Kaufman, Ardell Kyncl, Andrea Morris, Verdell Nelson, Chad Fehringer, Brian Wallin, Terry Radenslaben, Charles Flood, Mark Knust, Gary Nelson, Beverly Benson, Scott Nelson, Kristian Cuevas, Colleen Albracht, Roger Lyon, Renee Rose, Dominik Cuevas, Jennifer Young, Trinity Young, Gene Sarniak and John Williamson.
Albion donors were Duane Lee, Lynn Wondercheck, Justin Lee, Bob Sandman, Kent Lee, Kathleen Lee and Hannah Haase.
Lindsay donors were Matt Finkral and Mary Jo Buhl.
St. Edward donor was Joan Chilson.
Volunteers were Cheri Werner, Sharon Lee and Wanda Wondercheck.
Telephone recruiters were Bev Seier, Diane Radenslaben, Vicki Fuhrer and Kathy Kaufman.
Publicity was Linda Leeson.
Canteen was the United Methodist and Looking Glass churches.
Donations or services was given by the Bank of Newman Grove.
The next blood drive will be March 4, 2019 from 12 noon to 6 p.m. with Trinity Lutheran Church serving the canteen.