New grain storage boosts Boone County building permit total

New grain storage construction made a significant impact in the total value of Boone County building permits during the past year.
By far the biggest project, at $7.7 million, was the new grain storage and handling facilities at Cedar Rapids, built by Country Partners Cooperative. That project included two large bins and one building.
Total grain storage for the year was $8,213,750. This included two grain bins in the Albion area, three in the Cedar Rapids area, four in the Petersburg area and one in the St. Edward area.
Statistics from Boone County Zoning Administrator Mary Ziemba show a total of 45 construction permits were issued during 2018, down by 11 from the 56 permits issued in 2017.
However, total value of the construction permits, at $8,213,750, was more than triple last year’s total of $2,780,434. The year-to-year difference was $5,433,316.
It was the county’s biggest construction year since 2015, when the total was $38.4 million, and included 18 permits for wind generators built in northern Boone County.
Construction permits issued from the Boone County Zoning office include all rural projects, as well as construction inside the villages of Cedar Rapids, Petersburg and Primrose.
New home construction rebounded in Boone County during 2018. Seven new homes were built during the year, with a total value of $1,574,000. This compared to three new homes built in 2017 with a total value of $664,500.
The total included four new homes built in Petersburg area and three new homes built in the Albion area.
Farm sheds and storage buildings comprised the third largest category for county construction, with eight projects totaling $299,200. Five of these projects were in the Petersburg area, two in the Albion area, and one in the Primrose area.
Additions to current buildings and houses accounted for $284,000 in construction during 2018. Two of the additions were in Cedar Rapids, and one each in the Albion area, Petersburg area and Loretto.
Other categories for county permits included a barn renovated into a cabin, valued at $280,000; four new garages valued at $116,000; eight basement and cement slab projects valued at $41,000; two fence projects valued at $5,500, and one home deck valued at $1,000.
The County Zoning office processed six conditional use permits and one request for rezoning.