Ziemba is new Region 44 emergency manager

Denise Ziemba

Boone, Merrick and Nance Counties have recently hired Denise Ziemba to fill the role of Region 44 Emergency Manager.
Born and raised in the Nance/Merrick County area, Ziemba attended Clarks High School, and graduated from Columbus High School.
She received a two year degree through the University of Phoenix.
She is married to Adam Ziemba and together they have four children who attend Fullerton Public Schools.
Ziemba began her new position in mid-August and is currently completing certifications for the Incident Command System, a Federal requirement to be used in emergency situations.
In this position, Ziemba will work closely with Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, surrounding county Emergency Managers and local fire departments, rescue responders and other area businesses to provide assistance in creating and coordinating emergency preparedness for each community within the three counties.
This includes assisting in maintaining Local Emergency Operations Plans, conducting full scale trainings of emergency situations, and keeping records of grant funds provided from any agency through the Emergency Management Agency.
Prior to accepting her new role as Region 44 Emergency Manager, Ziemba worked for the USPS.
Ziemba decided to pursue this new career because it gives her the opportunity to help others in difficult situations.
“I strive to provide assistance and continue to gain knowledge in areas that would be beneficial to each community,” Ziemba said. “I have enjoyed meeting the many people that I need to work with to be successful and look forward to meeting the many others I have not been in contact with yet.”