Meyer reflects on 16-year term on school board

Patti Meyer

By Gabby Christensen
Patti Meyer of Albion never intended to become a Boone Central School Board Member.
But one day when the opportunity was presented to her, she decided it was time to give it a try.
“I wanted to make a difference in education for the kids in our community,” Meyer said.
Now, after serving for 16 years on the board, Meyer has decided to step down from her role.
“Now that all of my kids are out of school, it just feels like the right time to step back,” Meyer said. “Although I’m still in the building a lot, interacting with administrators and staff, I think it’s good to have a child in the system so you have that personal connection with the daily function of the school district.”
For over 38 years, Meyer has worked as a registered nurse. She currently works in surgery at the Boone County Health Center.
Meyer is married to Jim Meyer, and together they have three adult sons.
In her free time, Meyer loves to be outdoors, gardening or camping.
Meyer, who began her term in 2003, joined when there were nine members on the Board.
Now, there are six total board members.
For the past three years, Meyer has served as president of the school board.
Meyer’s term officially ended on Monday, Jan. 14, 2018.
Tim Stopak will take on the role as board president.
According to Meyer, the biggest milestones she experienced while on the board were the upgrade to the facility and the continued improvement in curriculum.
“It’s important to remember that change comes slow,” Meyer said. “Don’t join the board with a personal agenda. If you want to be a change agent for kids and education, this is a great opportunity for that.”
Meyer said the board works together as a team and is responsible for setting the policy that the superintendent will then administer.
“As board members, we really try not to micromanage. Our goal is to support the superintendent in her role of managing the school district,” Meyer said. “Our goal is to work together as a team with the superintendent.”
Over the years, Meyer said she’s enjoyed being a mentor to new members.
Meyer said she’s also had the privilege of working with four superintendents while serving on the board.
Meyer said it’s been a learning experience that has taught her so much.
“The biggest thing you realize is that there’s so much more to being on the school board than most imagine,” Meyer said. “Once you’re on the board, you’re also part of several sub committees, which meet separately throughout the month. It’s a huge time commitment. Some might not realize what it really takes to run a school district—there are so many aspects to it.”
Throughout her term, Meyer said she’s been grateful to her family, who have been supportive and understanding.
While it’s a big role to fill, Meyer said it’s also a great opportunity to learn from others and she appreciates all the previous and current board members that she’s had the opportunity to work with.
“We’ve been so lucky to have such great administration, teachers and support staff,” Meyer said. “It makes our job easier when we have great people to work with. Our district is also very blessed to have an excellent student body and an involved, supportive community.”