Firemen will be visiting Albion area businesses

Over the next few months the Albion Fire Department will be conducting site visits in all businesses within the Albion Fire District as part of a pre-planning initiative the department has started.
Albion Fire Chief Bruce Benne explained that improved safety is the ultimate goal.
“We will be gathering information relevant to each location to include, but not limited to, the size and number of structures at each location, number of employees, type of building construction, fire suppression systems, nearest water sources, potential hazards, and other information that will enable us to be better prepared should we need to respond to an emergency call at your location,” Benne said.
This information will be vital to the department in developing response plans associated with each location so they can perform operations as safely and efficiently as possible.
“We ask that each business cooperate in this initiative to help us be better prepared,” he said. “If you already have an Emergency Action Plan and/or facility maps of your locations, we would appreciate copies of those as well if you can provide them.”
Benne thanked the business community in advance for their cooperation and support.