County moves closer to merged 911 system

Boone County is moving closer to implementation of the merged 911 communications system with Nance County.
Another step was completed Monday, Jan. 28, when county commissioners approved replacement of the current Equature recording system — the system that records all telephone and radio calls passing through the county’s 911 system.
Johnson noted that the existing system needs to be replaced in preparation for the newer communications system. The estimated cost of the new recording system is $6,600 to $6,700.
Johnson also presented the following list of one-time 911 system expenses that have been approved by the Nebraska Public Service Commission to be paid from the county’s 2914 wireless holding account.
• Justice Data Solutions CAD system: $32,000 (possible additional options up to $9,250 could be added pending approval).
• GeoComm Mapping Upgrade: $29,937.
• Computer Hardware for CAD/Mapping: $28,421 (this expense could be reduced by working with the county’s IT provider, Applied Connective Technologies).
• Logging Recorder, additional channels for Nance County: $3,550.
• GeoComm Site Structure Address Point, Layer Development: $14,476.
The total amount approved from 2914 funds by the PSC was $108,384. Johnson said he would be signing contracts for these system features.
The sheriff also noted that two new radio consoles will be needed, as well as additional trunk lines to serve the two counties. He said he would like to reserve the 2910 wireline funds for this equipment.
Sheriff Johnson also reported that he is looking into purchase of a bullet resistent transition window and wall for the jail, and he would like to have this work done before the new communications equipment is installed. He will return with a proposal at the Feb. 11 meeting.
One and Six-Year Road Plan
Stacey Ziemba, county highway commissioner, reported on projects she plans to include in the county’s one and six-year road plan.
Two bridge projects in the one-year plan were completed last year, and three road projects are being removed from the six-year plan.
She plans to add the following five projects to the plan:
• Replacement of a wooden bridge with a concrete box culvert on 260th Ave., one-quarter mile west of 120th Street, northeast of Petersburg.
• Replacement of a concrete cattle path on 180th Street, west of 290th Ave., northeast of Loretto.
• Ditch work, drainage and culverts on 300th Street east of Primrose.
• Replace existing box culverts with possible bridge or larger culverts, south of St. Edward.
• Build up roadway, ditch work and culverts on 160th Ave. west of Albion.
Carryover One-Year Projects
The county’s current one-year road plan includes six carryover projects. There are three bridge replacement projects, one concrete box culvert project, and two road improvement projects.

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