Riedmiller looks back at 20 years on City Council Board

CELEBRATING 20 YEARS — Daughters Pam Heithoff (left) and Shelli Swerczek (right) help to celebrate their father Jim Riedmiller (center) at his retirement party held Jan. 20, 2019. Riedmiller married the late Lois (Strong) Riedmiller on June 1, 1964. Together, the couple owned and operated the Albion Lockers in Albion for a number of years.

By Gabby Christensen
After two decades spent serving on the Albion City Council Board, Jim Riedmiller said goodbye to his long-standing role—but not without going out with a bang first.
On Sunday, Jan. 20, the City of Albion office staff hosted a retirement party to honor Riedmiller’s 20-year service.
Friends and family from across the area gathered to celebrate and reminisce with Riedmiller.
“It was a nice time,” Riedmiller recalled. “There was a nice-sized crowd and I really enjoyed seeing everyone.”
Since stepping down from the board, Riedmiller has occupied his time by helping out at the meat locker in Humphrey most days of the week.
He said he doesn’t see himself retiring any time soon.
“I need to have something to do,” Riedmiller said. “I like to keep busy.”
Riedmiller, a 1961 graduate of Albion High School, first ran for City Council after realizing he wanted to help make a positive impact on the community.
When he first began his role all those years ago, Riedmiller said he was fortunate to have senior members help guide him.
During his time on the board, Riedmiller worked with three different administrators.
Although there were some tough choices over the years, Riedmiller said he genuinely enjoyed his time on the board.
“It’s been nice to watch as some of the larger projects have been completed,” Riedmiller said.
One of the more memorable projects for Riedmiller was the new city swimming pool.
As a member, Riedmiller was also in charge of the streets committee.
During his 20-year term, Riedmiller said he only missed a handful of meetings.
“When I had cancer and I was unable to make it to an important meeting, I was able to phone in so I was still able to be a part of the discussion,” Riedmiller said.
In the future, Riedmiller said he’d love to see some younger individuals consider running for City Council.
“I really enjoyed my time on the board,” Riedmiller said. “The best part was watching as improvements were made across the city. I was also lucky to have been able to work with some great people.”