Petersburg Press

Continuation of Punkin’ Chunkin’ discussed at PCC meeting

Petersburg Community Club met Monday, Feb. 4, 2019 at the Petersburg Legion and the annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ event was discussed.
Committee member Doug Wright asked if the community club feels it’s time to discontinue this event.
The committee cancelled last year due to the field conditions.
The event does not bring in much money, but it was set up to give name recognition to Petersburg. At the high point, it was bringing in 3,000 people, but has seen attendance drop over the past few years.
The event is labor intensive and costly.
Committee members would be willing to help anyone who would like to continue the event. New committee members would have new ideas.
Consensus of the club members in attendance is that it is a committee decision.
Float committee members stated they have not decided on a design for the float renovation.
After discussion, it was decided to ask for community input. There are suggestion forms at Rae Valley Market for anyone who has a suggestion for redesign of the float which must be ready for the summer season.
Members agreed to offer a $50 Petersburg gift certificate to the person who has the accepted design which is then used on the float. Further discussion was tabled until March.
Puttin’ in P-Town committee chairman Eric Petsche said there were 27 teams of four. The committee was very satisfied with the turnout.
Committee member Larry Temme said the whole event was a success because the local businesses do a great job of preparing puttin’ hole challenges. The teams also moved from business to business in a more regulated pattern.
All the bills have not been tabulated. The Puttin’ in P-Town thank you in the Petersburg Press was from the committee and not paid for by the community club.
Ag committee chairman Jordan Anderson scheduled the Ag Brunch for March 16.
Business district chairman Monty Reicks stated 12 brackets and banners would cost $834, not including freight. The 12 would include six sets for Highway 14 and six for Highway 32.
Vice President Brett Temme is in the process of doing some online updating.
Tina Stokes expects to have the member packets completed by the end of February or the first of March.
Stokes said there is a new committee with the purpose of engaging new residents when they move to Petersburg.
There may be a collaboration with another organization for a storage building.
The circuit exercise equipment has been relocated and Dave Baker and Adam Wies are ready to move ahead with dirt work when the weather allows.
The next meeting will be Monday, March 4, 2019.