Petersburg Press

Annual audit report given at village meeting

The annual audit report from AMGL was presented at the Petersburg Village Board meeting held Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019.
It showed a couple of outstanding checks. Updating on utility billing was being completed. The general fund is expected to maintain a 3-6 month emergency fund. Petersburg has four and one half months with six months in the street fund.
The general fund is increasing. Money has not been spent from the sales tax fund which can be used for infrastructure.
Utilities are good except the sewer which is still running in the minus. Trash evaluation was good, but not yet covering the total cost.
New rates are in place for water and sewer rates for 2019 and it should be within the range needed.
The One and Six Year Street Improvement plan did not include any major changes. Armor coating is not on the plan. The board will continue with the regular street rotation.
The shipping container ordinance was discussed again.
The zoning director feels it is permissible not to allow these containers in the residential area and to have stipulations in the industrial areas.
The new proposed plan will now go to the zoning board.
The open session on storage containers was closed.
The certificate for approval at Knotty Pine for lottery sales was approved and a license can now be obtained.
St. Edward has raised their kennel rates from $75 to $80 per animal. They cited additional costs mandated by the state. The cost will be charged back to the owner.
The village attorney contract will be renewed in 2019. Present council is Bird and Wright with an hourly charge of $135. Para legal fees will go from $50 to $60 an hour.
Ashley Thieman felt the board should make inquiries at other legal firms.
Chairman Stokes agreed, “It’s something that has not been done in a while.”
Clerk Stokes was directed to make those inquiries.
The issue of dog tags and licenses was discussed.
Petersburg currently does not have a system in place. Elgin residents must register in May each year. Members saw an advantage to knowing that dogs within the village are vaccinated.
Clerk Stokes was directed to contact other towns to see what their policy is.
The board continues to have issues with a couple of run down houses. Several owners in the past have been taken to court, but results have varied. There is no known address for one owner.
Thieman said, “What do we do? These have been an issue for years.”
Clerk Stokes will continue to look for an address.
The next step may be legal action.
Larry Temme of Rae Valley Market Catering requested and received approval for five one day liquor permits for Werner Hall. Five events are scheduled in 2019.
Several bulbs are out in the Petersburg sign by Knotty Pine, but those must be replaced by the company. There is an issue with changing the time.
The Boone County Sheriff’s Department reported 64 1/2 hours of patrol time in the area. It was generally a quiet month with one written warning reported.
There are a number of culverts that need cleaning.
Utilities superintendent Prothman is working on refurbishing the wooden picnic tables. He has purchased a new welder and plasma cutter, chop saw and electric cords for $2,031, plus there is a $50 rebate. He has rewired the shop for the new welder.
He continues to clean out the shop, and replaced several ballasts in the village office. He found an old lawn mower. The engine works and he would like to turn it into a brush cutter.
Prothman attended the Snowball training session for 10 1/2 hour credit.
The board voted to reinvest a CD into an 11 month certificate for 2.33 percent interest.
Mike Bennett has agreed to look at the village office structural integrity and give an estimate on repairs.
Price on Diggers Hotline went up from 99 cents to $1.00.
Sales tax for November of 2018 was $4,659.39 of which $897.02 was motor vehicle.
The next meeting will be Tuesday, March 5, 2018.