Albion Planning Commission starts work on update of city’s comp plan

Albion Planning Commission began the process of updating the city’s 10-year comprehensive plan Monday night, March 4.
The planning board held its initial meeting with Lynn Dittmer of Omaha, senior planner with JEO Consulting Group, Inc.
Albion City Council last year approved a contract with JEO to conduct the planning process and write the comprehensive plan. Purpose of the comprehensive plan is to create a framework, setting goals and objectives for orderly growth. The process will include a housing study and an updated zoning ordinance.
Dittmer outlined the planning schedule, the role of the planning commission, and discussed various parts of the plan.
A series of focus group meetings are planned in April on topics chosen by the planning board. This will be the “Envision” process of public participation. Some of the suggested topics Monday night were housing stock, economic development and infrastructure. Open house meeting for the public will follow the focus group meetings.
Dittmer will return for a planning board meeting on May 6, where public input and key themes from the previous month will be reviewed, and a draft of goals and objectives will be prepared.
An updated zoning and subdivision ordinance will be introduced for discussion.
By early June, the project outline calls for review of the mostly completed comprehensive plan and housing study documents.
The schedule calls for completion of the process in August, when public hearings will be held on the new comprehensive plan, housing study and zoning ordinance, with adoption by the city council.

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