Weidner models dress at Omaha Fashion Week

CATWALK — Claire Weidner (front, in yellow) struts the runway in the dress she designed and created last year.

By Gabby Christensen
At just 15 years of age, Boone Central freshman and Boone County 4-H member Claire Weidner received the opportunity to not only attend Omaha Fashion Week, but experience it as a participant.
Weidner took the stage during Student Night, which was held Tuesday, Feb. 26, at the Omaha Design Center.
She was one of 13 Nebraska 4-H participants who were chosen to take part in the event.
In order to be considered, garments must have been exhibited at the Nebraska State Fair. Garment entries were to be fashion forward, runway appropriate and display high quality construction.
Weidner was the 2018 Grand Champion Senior Fashion Show exhibitor at the Boone County Fair and she received a purple ribbon at the Nebraska State Fair Fashion Show last fall.
At Fashion Week, Weidner showcased a flowy summer dress that she had constructed last summer. The dress is a warm bright yellow with colorful flowers.
While making the dress, Claire experienced sewing on a flounce on her dress.
There were also collections there from the Joslyn Art Museum’s Kent Bellows Studio, Omaha Central High School, Omaha South High School and FCCLA.
Weidner, who has always loved to draw and design pieces ever since she was a little girl, said she first became interested in fashion when she became involved in 4-H nearly seven years ago.
“Being able to draw something, and then being able to learn how to make it, is a lot of fun,” Weidner said. “My favorite part is getting to create something I can wear. Carol Kusek has helped me a lot with creating pieces and I really appreciate that.”
After having participated in the show, Weidner said she has plans to continue to make clothing and participate in additional 4-H shows.
“I learned a lot from my experience at Omaha Fashion Week,” Weidner said. “I made some friends and learned how to walk in front of a large crowd. I hope to participate in it again in the future.”