City of Albion plans new public works position

Looking at future retirements of city staff and department heads, the Albion City Council approved a motion Tuesday night, April 9, to pursue the hiring of a public works trainee and project manager.
This would be an addition to the city staff, with the following goals:
• outlining a structured training regimen for the employee to learn the city’s essential public works job tasks, and
• preparing an employee to step in and fulfill the essential functions of any of the three main public works areas — streets, water and sewer.
Andrew Devine, city administrator, pointed out that this would start as an entry level position within public works, with the new employee learning, writing down and documenting the tasks within each department and how to perform them.
“The intention is to prepare the city for the future, when current employees and department heads retire, and to facilitate cross training between the various departments,” said Devine. He noted that public works employees may soon be making plans to retire.

Old Albion Fire Hall

Sale of Old Fire Hall

Administrator Devine noted that a redevelopment project has been identified for the old fire station at Fifth and Church Streets. To facilitate this redevelopment, the city could sell the property to the Albion Economic Development Corp. (AEDC), which could then consider proposals for redevelopment of the property.
The building is now used for storage of city and county property, vehicles and equipment. A portion of the building is leased to the Boone County Sheriff’s Department, and the city is required to give a three-month notice of termination.
Councilman Porter said Porter’s LLC is interested in buying the property in order to renovate and redevelop it as offices, inventory space and storage for vehicles and equipment for Speed Drain, a subsidiary of Porter’s LLC.
After discussion, the council adopted a resolution directing the sale of this property to AEDC at a price of $22,500.

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