St. Edward

Music students earn high marks

CELEBRATING SUCCESS at District Music were band members (l.-r.) Miranda Matchett, Lainey Werts, Sophie Reeves and Lacie Cruise.

St. Edward High School soloists, ensembles and large groups earned high marks in the District Music Contest on Friday, April 12, at Norfolk High School. The music students are conducted by Tami Texley.
St. Edward performers earned six Division I superior ratings and 15 Division II excellent ratings.
Following are the St. Edward results:
Division I Ratings
• Mary Blakenship, vocal solo;
• Sophie Reeves, vocal solo;
• Maya Baker and Sophie Reeves, vocal duet;
• Lacie Cruise and Keean Cruise, vocal duet;
• Ladies Choir
• Lacie Cruise and Sophie Reeves, vocal duet
Division II Ratings
• Maya Baker, vocal solo;
• Melody MacDonald, vocal solo;
• Keean Cruise, vocal solo;
• Roy Cumming, vocal solo;
• Melody MacDonald and Grace Tibor, vocal duet;
• Hailey Osantowski and Mackenzie Towey, vocal duet;
• Keean Cruise and Roy Cumming, vocal duet;
• Maya Baker, Lacie Cruise and Sophie Reeves, vocal trio;
• Pearl DeWitt and Mackenzie Towey, vocal duet;
• Maya Baker, Hailey Osantowski, Mackenzie Towey and Izabelle Zurovski, vocal and instrumental ensemble;
• Maya Baker, tenor saxophone solo;
• Miranda Matchett, alto saxophone solo;
• Men’s small group;
• Concert band;
• Concert choir.