County, ag society to work out agreement on building

Framework is being installed for the new Boone County Agriculture and Education building on the fairgrounds.

With steel framework now rising for the new Boone County Agriculture and Education building on the fairgrounds, county commissioners met with representatives of the County Agricultural Society and the building planning committee Monday to discuss an agreement.
The county and ag society will be working out an interlocal agreement on which entities will handle certain aspects, ranging from payments to operations and more.
The county presently owns all fairgrounds property, and the county is responsible for paying off the 10-year bonds issued for the construction, stated County Clerk Kathy Thorberg. She said there are very few cases in Nebraska where the county, rather than the ag society, owns fairgrounds property.
The county board committed $1.3 million in inheritance tax funds toward the $3 million building, and supporters committed the remaining $1.7 million in donations and pledges.
The ag society is working toward establishing a Boone County Ag Society Foundation with 501(c)3 status for tax deductible donations. This has been underway since last August. Ag society members have also discussed establishing a separate governing board for the building.
Ownership of the building and site would remain with the county at least until the building is completed and all bonds are repaid. Plans call for the County Extension offices to be moved to the new building once it is completed.

Read the complete story in the May 15 Albion News and Petersburg Press, print and e-editions.