Petersburg Press

Village Board approves Legion Memorial site

Hank Thieman and Nate Thieman were present at the Petersburg Village Board meeting held on May 7, 2019 to discuss the proposed American Legion Post 334 Veterans Memorial.
They reminded the board that they had originally wanted the memorial next to the Legion building.
Hank asked if the memorial could be placed in the big Petersburg Park, along Hwy. 14, next to the Logan Fontanelle monument.
If this site is used, it would necessitate moving the current monument a few feet. He added that the Legion would provide the labor and make sure there is space so mowing would not be a problem.
Since the park board had already signed off on the project, Chairmen Corey Stokes saw no problem with the location.
The Legion funding goal has almost been reached. However, the Legion would like to replace the sidewalk and make it a thicker concrete. Nathan Thieman stated the Legion would fund the new portion.
There are family names on the sidewalk from when it was laid and those will be put back.
People drive near the monument so the thicker concrete would be better.
The Legion would also pay for and dirt which would make a better slope for drainage.
Trustee Steve Werner added that it would take less paperwork to put it there. No agreement would be needed.
Corey Stokes said that quite a few people do turn off and stop at that site.
The board agreed to placement of the Memorial.