Memorial Day ceremony honors all who served, sacrificed

Isabel VanDeWalle sings The Star Spangled Banner during Monday’s Memorial Day program. Saluting behind her are Albert VanDeWalle, l., and Darrel Thorin, r.

About 100 people gathered on the Boone County Courthouse grounds Monday, May 27, paying the annual tribute to America’s war dead and those who have served in many capacities since the founding of the United States.
Air Force veteran Chad Carlson of St. Edward, keynote speaker, said the history of our nation and those who serve can be summed up in a short and simple, yet fitting phrase: “They are ordinary people who by virtue of their service and sacrifice are extraordinary.”
He said Memorial Day, while designated as a time to honor the fallen, is also a time of renewal and strength after a long winter.
The displays of flowers in bloom represent a million or more Americans lost in battles here and on almost every continent across the globe.
Carlson noted that the American Flag flies at half staff only until noon on Memorial Day, and then is raised to full staff for the remainder of the day. “The half-staff position remembers the more than one million women and men who gave their lives in service to their nation. At noon, their memory is raised by the living who resolve not to let their sacrifice be in vain, but to rise up in their stead and continue the fight for liberty.”
Carlson also saluted the families of the fallen, saying “you bear a burden that only you can comprehend. We are grateful for the support you gave your soldier, so they could carry out the mission of protecting the rest of us.”

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