Planning board gives nod to rural lots splits for homes

Three conditional use permits for rural acreage splits were recommended for approval by the Boone County Planning Commission during its regular meeting last Tuesday night, May 28.
The meeting was conducted by Mark Wagner in the absence of Paul Groeteke.
All of the conditional use permits are located in A1 primary agriculture districts. Public hearings were held on all three permit applications, with no objections raised.
Rex and Laurie Horn of St. Edward applied for a permit to divide 79.65 acres from a 154-acre tract located at Highway 56 and 280th Avenue, or about 3.5 miles west of St. Edward. Rex Horn said his son will be purchasing the property.
The request was unanimously approved by the planning board.
Dan and Tiffany Preister applied for a permit to divide approximately five acres from farmland east of Albion for a home site. This property is located about six miles east of Albion along Highway 91 between 310th and 320th Avenues.
Planning board members noted that the plat, as submitted, would be slightly less than the five-acre minimum requirement for an A1 lot split.
There were questions regarding inclusion of state highway right-of-way.
The board voted to recommend approval of the conditional use permit subject to an adjustment to include five acres in the parcel.
Mark and Christine Grundmayer represented their application to divide approximately 5.29 acres from farmland for a home site. This property is located at the northern edge of Boone County, about one mile northeast of Raeville.
The request was approved as submitted, with signed waivers for nearby livestock operations.
All three of these requests will be forwarded to the Boone County Commissioners for hearings and final action.