4-H sewing campers repair veterans’ casket flags

Brooklyn Krohn repairs one of the flags at 4-H sewing camp.

Each of the American flags once served draping the coffin of an area veteran, proudly surrounding the Boone County Courthouse on special patriotic holidays.
They are a beautiful sight that catches at our patriotic heartstrings, but they sometimes need repair.
This year on Memorial Day, they especially caught at Carol Kusek’s heartstrings as she viewed them and realized many of the flags were very tattered and torn.
Boy Scout Troop #155 and Dr. Tony Kusek, Carol’s husband, assist in hanging, taking down and folding the flags for special and federal holidays.
Dr. Kusek was also concerned about the repairs needed on the flags.
“He said some of them were from services for World War I and World War II veterans,” Carol said. “And I thought, these need to be fixed, and it looks like more than quite a few.”
Over the past 16 years, Carol has spearheaded Camp Sew Fun, where she and other helpers assist 4-H members with their sewing projects to have them completed before fair.
“I mentioned to my husband, that at camp, we are going to have a lot of (sewing) machines around,” Carol said. She suggested that when the flags were taken down with the Boy Scouts’ help, that he tell those in charge that the flags needed repair.

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