St. Edward

St. Edward receives approval of full community center grant

Illustration of the planned new St. Edward Community Center.

City of St. Edward was notified recently that it has received approval for the full state grant of $562,000 for a new community building.
The city applied for the grant through the Nebraska Civic and Community Center FinancĀ­ing Fund (NCCCFF). In early April of 2019, the city was notified it would receive at least a partial grant of $428,000 from the Department of Economic Development.
The full grant was awarded after the annual appropriations bill was passed by the NeĀ­braska Legislature.
The goal for local fund-raising for the community center project is $300,000, and pledges for $125,000 have already been received. This leaves $175,000 left to be raised through a local and area fund drive.
If the local fund-raising goal is reached within the next 30 days, construction of the community center could be started by the fall of 2019.
Anyone who wants to help with the fund-raising or wishes to donate can contact Dean Hamling, 402-649-0344; Tony Kurtenbach, 402-948-0591, or Cindy Stephens at St. Edward Floral, 402-678-3334.