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City declares eight nuisance properties

Albion City Council declared eight nuisance properties Tuesday night, June 11, for various violations of city code, including unmowed grass and weeds, derelict vehicles and refuse on the lots.
Property owners will be issued notices to abate the nuisances, with a specified time period to abate. In the case of tall weeds and grass not mowed within 10 days, the city can abate the nuisance and bill the property owner.
Also, the city attorney will pursue penal enforcement of the nuisance ordinance. If found guilty, the property owners can be fined up to $500 per day for each offense.
Properties declared nuisances by the council were:
• 346 North Seventh Street;
• 337 North Seventh Street;
• 715 South Third Street;
• 728 South Second Street;
• 710 West Church Street;
• 515 South Third Street;
• 631 West Main Street;
• 542 South Seventh Street.