St. Edward

Summer projects underway at St. Edward Public School

Summer building improvements underway at St.. Edward Public School were reviewed by the School Board at their regular meeting Monday night, June 10.
The main project this summer is replacement of the old classroom light fixtures with new LED fixtures.
All classroom lighting will be replaced this summer. Justin Frederick, superintendent, said this will involve about 200 fixtures at a cost of $30,000 to $35,000.
Once classroom lighting is finished, there will be about 100 fixtures to replace in other areas of the school buildings.
All student lockers for both the junior high and high school will also be replaced this summer. The old lockers are being removed now, and new lockers are scheduled to arrive during the last week of June. This project will have a total cost of about $11,000.
Window replacement has been an ongoing project, and the final seven windows in elementary classrooms are to be replaced this summer.
Painting will also be completed in the gym and other areas.