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Jim Leifeld to mark 50 years in hardware business

Jennifer and Jim Leifeld (l.-r.) and late Bill and Berneda Leifeld have collectively owned and operated Leifeld Hardware & Furniture since 1974. Jim worked there starting in 1969.

Longevity in the hardware business isn’t an easy thing to accomplish these days.
Local hardware stores compete with the “big box” retailers and online sellers every day.
Service and adaptability have been key elements for Leifeld Hardware and Furniture of Petersburg.
Jim Leifeld has seen many changes in the business since he started working there at age 15 in 1969 after school and on Saturdays.
“When I started, our product line included appliances, televisions and lawn mowers, as well as hardware and furniture,” said Jim. “We also repaired appliances and delivered Skelgas canisters around the country.”
Product lines have changed considerably over the years, but as Jim said: “Our family has served as many as three and four generations from this store.”

Jim and Jennifer will be hosting a 50th year celebration at the downtown park in Petersburg on Friday, July 5, form 5 to 10 p.m.