Artists provide sketches of Albion buildings

Sketch of Shorty’s Ice Cream Shoppe by instructor Deb Monfelt of Beatrice.

Artists from the Association of Nebraska Art Clubs (ANAC) visited Albion last weekend for their 55th annual art exhibition. Along with the art show, artists were able to attend classes that were provided by ANAC.
One of those classes included a sketching class where artists went around Albion and journaled sketches of Albion and Albion’s architecture. From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., artists hit the streets to capture and immortalize Albion, while getting a chance to experience the essence of our small town.
The artists visited various locations such as the Methodist Church, Shorty’s, The Stirred Pot, and other various locations around town. Artist Randell Otte of the Ranchland Art Group commented “You can’t buy HAPPINESS…but you can buy Shorty’s TWIN BING TORNADO…and it’s kind of the same thing.”
Mark Van Housen, and artist with the Aurora Area Artisans, said “Another fantastic conference. Thank you Wendy for all you have done. Albion has so much to offer and the locals were so welcoming.”
Janna Harsch, president of the Noyes Gallery, stated: “Thanks to Albion. Great City, Great Art, Thanks for your support. A GREAT time was had by all in Albion!”

See more sketches in the July 3 Albion News, print and e-editions.