Newman Grove

Fire and Iron motorcycle club helps Newman Grove family

NEW SIDEWALK — Fire & Iron motorcycle club completed this sidewalk project recently for a Newman Grove family in need.

Fire & Iron MC Station 102, a motorcycle club for firefighters and associated emergency personnel in the Newman Grove area, recently came to the assistance of a Newman Grove couple in need.
Recently, Fire & Iron found that Newman Grove residents Mark and Angela Brooks were in need of a sidewalk. Mark and Angela had moved from Indiana to Lindsay after he accepted a job at Lindsay Manufacturing in 2003.
They later became Newman Grove residents in 2006. In July, they will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary.
Angela was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) and has recently been diagnosed with a bladder tumor, which was removed. She is now awaiting a doctor visit to see if her tumor was cancerous.
Since her surgery, she has become more reliant on her wheelchair and scooter to get around. She walks her dog every day, and without a sidewalk in her front yard, she had to go through the grass to get to the sidewalk to the south of her house.
Her neighbor, Tom Bagley, noticed it was a big task for her to get to the other sidewalk. He talked to the other members of Fire & Iron to see if they could help her out and make it easier for her to get around with her wheelchair and scooter. They decided this was something they would like to do for the Brooks family.
Boone County Concrete of Albion waived the mileage fee and short load coverage to help them out. The members then started forming the sidewalk after work and getting ready to pour concrete. The club paid for the cost of the cement and donated their time.
The Brooks’ were very appreciative of their help.

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