Dotted Daisy attracts tourists in Passport program

Betsy Harris in The Dotted Daisy

Betsy Harris and her business “The Dotted Daisy” are a part of this year’s 10th annual Nebraska Passport program.

 The Nebraska Passport program is funded by the Nebraska Tourism Commission and is designed as a way to facilitate the discovery of hidden gems around the state.

 From May 1 to Sept. 30, people can travel all over Nebraska to get stamps for their own little “passport.” On top of that, certain prizes, like a $100 Nebraska Lottery voucher, are awarded for certain amounts of stamps.

 This year, there are 70 museums, parks, restaurants, wineries, retail stores and many more places a person can visit in the Passport program. 

 These locations are divided into ten different categories: “Not-At-All What You Thought”, “Quirky Nebraska”, “Rural Gems”, “Bite of Nebraska”, “Beautiful Nebraska”, “Family Fun”, “Nebraska Stories”, “History Alive”, “Happy Hour”, and “Shop Nebraska.”

 This year, The Dotted Daisy falls under the “Rural Gems” Category.

 Betsy Harris, who recently took over ownership of The Dotted Daisy in February, was inspired by Nebraska Passport’s success in helping Nebraska communities prosper over the last 10 years, so she decided to apply.

 “All you have to do is apply online,” stated Betsy. “The application process is free, going out and getting stamps is free, everything is free! But it does so much to help small communities, and that is why we wanted to bring a Nebraska Passport stop to Albion.”

Read the complete feature by Thomas Hosford in the July 31 Albion News print and e-editions.