‘Boone Beginnings’ center is topic of conference

During its meeting Tuesday night, Aug. 6, the Albion Planning Commission held a pre-application conference on a plan to annex the area along South Sixth Street for the Boone Beginning Early Childhood Development Center.
The plan is to annex this area into the south corporate limits of the City of Albion.
Jeff Jarecki described the L-shaped piece of property that is located next to Good Samaritan Society-Albion Samaritan Estates.
Jay Wolf provided a summary of the project, which started with recognition of a need for more childcare in the county. Through the planning process, this has developed into a facility that can initially serve as many as 80 children.
The property was purchased from Wayne Boilesen by Albion Economic Development Corp for this purpose. Building plans are being developed. Private fundraising has been successful, raising $2.7 million so far, and plans are being made for the public phase of fundraising for the 12,000 square-foot building..
The fund raising goal is a total of $4.2 million to build the building and provide an endowment for future maintenance and initial operating costs.
Andy Roberts noted that a financial plan is being developed to help with operating costs through the first three years while the new center is being established. The property is now two separate parcels, and the plat will seek to bring them together into one before annexation by the city.