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Village board approves new liquor license, tree pile/ dumpster use reminder

Vice President Tina Henn opened the August village board meeting in the absence of Chairman Stokes.
People are throwing various types of material in the dumpsters, such as lumber which is not permitted.
There is a camera on those units and one individual has been spoken to.
A swing set was also reported to be in the tree pile.
After time was set aside for a public hearing, the board voted to approve the Class C liquor license for 3 C’s Cleveland’s Café and Catering, LLC, dba 3 C’s Knotty Pine. The Cleveland’s are presently using a temporary license.
Pat Cleveland stated they do not expect to continue with Keno, but are looking into other options.
The board approved Rae Valley Market’s one day liquor permit for St. John’s Bazaar on Sept. 1.
Boone County Sheriff’s department reported 63.75 hours of patrol time. It was a quiet month with only one written warning.
Boone County Development Agency, Inc. (BCDA) notified Clerk Stokes that the recent payment made by the village was for last year. The BCDA is working on their new budget. Michelle Olson will come to the September meeting to speak with the board.
Henn noted the park board will schedule a meeting to discuss what to do about the park shelter.

Read the full story in the August 14 Petersburg Press print and e edition.