County valuations edge a bit higher

Boone County’s property valuation again posted an increase for 2019-20, but it was less than a percentage point.
The county’s total taxable property valuation is certified at $2,409,978,807 for the coming year.
That represents an increase of $15,380,100 or .638 of one percent from last year’s total value of $2,394,598,707.
County Assessor Barb Hanson announced the new values last week.
Although still less than one percent higher, this year’s valuation increase is considerably larger than the $1,648,494 increase from 2017-18 to 2018-19.
Total real estate value for Boone County this year is $2,285,084,335, representing an increase of about $17 million from last year’s total of $2,268,023,815.
Total personal property value for 2019-20 is $89,791,969, which represents a decline of about $4.4 million from last year’s personal property total of $94,225,612.
State assessed valuation in Boone County this year totaled $35,102,503, for an increase of about $2.8 million over last year’s state assessed total of $32,349,280.
Of the county’s $15,380,100 in increased valuation, $7,269,525 was attributable to growth.

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