State Supreme Court visits Boone County

Nebraska Supreme Court Justices, l.-r., Hon. Jeffrey J. Funke, Hon. Stephanie F. Stacy, Hon. Michael G. Heavican, chief justice, Hon. William B. Cassel and Hon. John R. Freudenberg visited the Boone County Courthouse on Aug. 16.

Nebraska Supreme Court personnel make annual visits to selected courthouses across the state. This year, five of the seven justices, along with court personnel, visited Boone County on Friday, Aug. 16.
The court representatives also visited Nance and Merrick counties on Friday.
Along with the justices, attendees included the Supreme Court Clerk and six personnel from probation and parole, as well as other personnel.
Also attending were District Judge Rachel A. Daugherty and District 5 County Court Judge Stephen R. Twiss. Others present were members of the County Clerk’s office staff, who also handle District Court Clerk duties in a combined office, County Court Clerk/Magistrate Lisa Langan, county commissioners and several local attorneys.
The justices toured the court facilities, including the court and probation offices.
Chief Justice Michael Heavican talked briefly about changes in court processes. He also introduced the justices and state staff, and thanked the commissioners for the county’s support of the court system.
St. Michael’s first grade students led the Pledge of Allegiance and two patriotic music selections.
The state court staff visited Boone County for about 1 1/2 hours and were soon on their way to make similar visits to Nance and Merrick counties.