Film edited by Albion native to show here

Joseph Krings
On the weekend of Sept. 6, the Gateway Theater will be having a showing of After the Wedding.
After the Wedding is an independent film directed by Bart Freundlich—the husband of Julianne Moore—and stars Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams. A remake of a 2006 Danish movie with the same title, After the Wedding reinvents the story by gender-flipping the male leads in the original movie with the strong acting of Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore to drive the strong emotions throughout the movie.
Joseph was born and raised in Albion, and graduated from Albion High School in 1994. He said he has always been interested in writing and journalism and, with the help of Ellen Kohtz, got a job working at the Albion News for three years in high school. He worked his way up from writing a music review column to writing the entire sports section of the paper. He attended UNL as a broadcast journalism major, and it was there that he discovered his love for movies, and his passion for editing.
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