Albion sales tax receipts down again in May

Albion city sales and use tax receipts declined again in May 2019 after a big increase in April.
City receipts for May totaled $56,297, representing a decline of more than $14,000 or 20 percent from the May 2018 receipts of $70,876.
Total sales tax receipts for the first 11 months of the 2018-19 fiscal year stood at $623,934, down five percent or $32,782 from the previous year’s 11-month total of $656,716.
Motor vehicle sales tax receipts for May 2019 were $5,523, ranking as the third strongest month for motor vehicle sales in the 2018-19 fiscal year.
The city receives 1.5 cents in sales and use tax for each $1 in qualifying sales. These funds are allocated to various city funds as approved by voters.
The largest share of city sales and use tax, .75 of one percent, goes to the capital improvements. So far this year, $278,825 has been allocated for this purpose.
Other city funds receiving sales tax allocation. and their receipts this year, are:
• Economic development: .25 of one percent, $92,942;
• Pool bond: .25 of one percent, $92,942;
• Fire department: .15 of one percent, $55,755;
• Police department: .05 of one percent, $18,588;
• City hall improvement: .025 of one percent, $9,294;
• Library improvement: .025 of one percent, $9,294.