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Dog ordinance draws comments

The recent dog ordinance dealing with restricted breeds within Petersburg village limits fueled a large discussion at the Petersburg Village Board meeting held Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2019.
The board had recently discussed the breeds listed in that ordinance and moved forward with some modifications. The ordinance presently has 25 possibly aggressive dogs on that list.
Jane Bennett, who has lived here seven years, stated she was never told about the ordinance in question which dates back to 2004. She has a mixed breed rescue dog, which when they purchased it was thought to be a 20 pound dog, but turned into an 80 pound dog.
She added, “This dog has obedience training and is never out of control. I know you can’t just change things for me and I realize you are not bad guys.”
Chairman Stokes explained that the board had revisited the ordinance. Local veterinarians expressed to them that these breeds can be aggressive and severe damage can be done in a short time frame.
The board decided to stay on the side of caution and did not change anything in the ordinance.
They felt that it’s great to have people here with opinions. “We’re here to make it work. We need to see what works, making it more proactive,” said Stokes.
Jane added, “What do you do with a rescue dog? When it’s little, you may not realize what it will be until it is grown up. I could have got a vet to say it was a different breed, but I’m not a cheater.”
Lance and Tammy Benda, dog owners, noted that any breed can do damage.
Tammy stated, “Jane’s dog has been around my day care children and is friendly and certainly not aggressive.”
Those present agreed a dog must be trained and socialized.

Read the full story in the Sept. 11 Petersburg Press print and e edition.