Pheasants Forever hosts Youth Mentor Hunt

Mentor Hunt participants
Last Saturday, Sept. 28, the Boone County Pheasants Forever Chapter held its annual Youth Mentor Hunt.
Five youth participants attended the event along with 13 adult volunteers who helped make the event a huge success.
Each youth was teamed with a mentor to work with them one-on-one throughout the day’s activities. Mentors helped teach safety to the youth through many activities, including shooting blue rock, stationary targets with rim fire rifles, and how to hunt as a group.
Conservation officer Steve Oberg started the morning with a review of hunting safety and rules. He was followed by Cody Baker, wildlife biologist with Pheasants Forever, who talked to the youth about local wildlife and the habitat they need to survive.
Highlight of the day was a live pheasant hunt at BBC Birds. The youth, guided by their mentors, had a very realistic field hunting experience using Ryan Lodge’s well trained black lab. This year, each youth participant had an opportunity to take a shot at a ring-neck pheasant, and five total birds were harvested.
After the events of the day, the Boone County Pheasants Forever Chapter provided lunch prepared by Lonnie Smith and Jerry Tisthammer, with supplies donated by from Albion ThriftyWay and Brian Luettel.