Newman Grove

Tree Board, students plant new trees Thursday

Tree board members (l.-r.) Scott Sokol, Al Elznik and Dave Schroeder plant the Maple tree in the city park as kindergarten through fourth grade students watch the process Thursday afternoon.

Members of the Newman Grove Tree Board received a grant for 10 trees from the Nebraska Forest Service and Nebraska Statewide Arboretum for fall planting in the Re-Tree Nebraska program.
Newman Grove was one of several communities chosen to receive the 10 trees.
Kindergarten through fourth grade students from Newman Grove Public Schools attended, and tree board members presented an educational program on why new trees are planted and how they are planted.
Mayor John Wyant provided some history on the original trees in the park, some being about 140 years old. The four cottonwoods still standing were part of the grove for which Newman Grove was named. The Warren family named the grove and townsite in memory of their son, Newman.
Dave Schroeter and Al Elznic explained the tree planting steps while completing the planting of a Maple tree.
After the program, volunteers and tree board members finished planting trees at the city park. Trees were also designated for the golf course and the ball field. The varieties planted included Sycamore, White Oak, Burr Oak, Kentucky Coffee, Baldcypress, Triumph Elm and two Sugar Maples.
Tree board members were honoring the memory of a long time board member, Robert Flood. He was instrumental in starting the Newman Grove Tree Board and in planting many trees in the community.
The mission of the ReTree Nebraska program is to enrich lives of Nebraska’s citizens by protecting, restoring and utilizing Nebraska’s tree and forest resources.