Albion Fire & Rescue adds training apparatus

An exterior view of the grain bin used for rescue training behind the Albion Fire Station.

Over the past year, the Albion Volunteer Fire Department has made many strides to increase and improve the quality and integrity of the local fire department.
Fire Chief Bruce Benne and many volunteers from the fire department and around the community have worked together to make the Albion Volunteer Fire Department among the best rural fire departments in the state of Nebraska.
This commitment to excellence can be demonstrated with the department’s most recent addition of a grain bin for grain bin engulfment rescue training. The grain bin measures 21 feet in diameter, and it is 21 feet tall.
Inside, the bin hosts a smaller, nine-foot-by-nine-foot inner ring holding thousands of tiny plastic pellets. The pellets are controlled with an auger system that recirculates them. In action similar to the movement of grain in a bin, a person standing in the ring can be slowly sucked down by the circulating pellets.
This simulates the experience of being trapped inside a grain bin. With this new training facility, members of Albion Fire and Rescue will have the proper and necessary training to rescue victims trapped inside a grain bin.

Read the full story by Thomas Hosford in the Oct. 9 Albion News print and e edition.