Artist Herb Mignery adds to Wheeler County gem

Herb Mignery talks about his art whle a crew from Nebraska Educational Television films his program in Bartlett. ETV plans to broadcast a segment on Mignery and his sculpture garden this winter.

Wheeler County expressed its appreciation to famed western artist Herb Mignery Tuesday evening, Oct. 1, in the local gym at Bartlett during a rainstorm.
It wasn’t quite the program they had in mind to introduce six new sculptures added to the Mignery sculpture garden on the courthouse grounds. They had hoped to present it outdoors in the garden, but Nebraska weather — once again — didn’t cooperate.
Still, some 300 area residents were on hand to provide a warm welcome to their native son and listen to his presentation about art, the sculpting process and his life experiences.
Mignery, 81, now lives in Loveland, Colorado. He was introduced by his lifelong friend and classmate, Bob Nichols of Bartlett, who helps oversee and maintain the sculpture garden that now contains 38 Mignery pieces.
Nichols noted that the sculpture garden in Bartlett is “the largest bronze sculpture garden in America.”
Mignery said many hands have contributed to the sculpture collection. “All I do is the sculpting,” he said. “My wife, Sherry, does all the rest.” He also thanked other family members and friends who have helped with the project.
He also thanked John and Mandy Gebhardt, friends of the Mignerys from Loveland, CO, who sponsored two of the six pieces to be displayed at Bartlett.

Read the full story by Jim Dickerson in the Oct. 9 Albion News print and e edition.