Area farmers moving on to corn harvest

With soybean harvest in full swing during the second week of October, many trucks were lined up along Highway 39-14 waiting to unload at Cargill in Albion.

With soybean harvest now estimated at 90 to 95 percent complete in the Boone County area, most area farmers were moving on to corn harvest.
Soybean yields were better than last year for many area farmers who had the crop planted early, according to area agronomists. Late planted beans did not fair quite as well, they said.
Some corn yields have been hampered due to poor standability from anthracnose and other fungal infestations. Recent windy days have resulted in stalk breakage and ear shrinkage that impacted yields, according to Dave Warner, crop consultant at Helena, Albion.
“Those farmers who used fungicide were way better off this year,” said Scott Reinhart of Country Partners Cooperative, Albion. He said the improved standability due to fungicide use made a difference of as much as 10 to 20 bushels per acre for some growers.
Dryland corn yields have been mostly very good, ranging from 180 to 225 bushels per acre, while irrigated yields have ranged from 215 up to 250 bushels per acre.
Despite some rain showers last week and through the weekend, corn moisture was coming down early this week. Some dryland fields were testing at 15 to 17 percent moisture, with irrigated ranging from 19 to 23 percent.
Statewide, the corn harvest was estimated at 30 percent complete for the week ending Oct. 20. Corn harvest was only slightly behind last year’s 33 percent and the 35 percent average. Some 94 percent of the corn crop was considered mature, according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.
Corn condition rated two percent very poor, five poor, 18 fair, 56 good, and 19 excellent.
Soybean harvest was estimated at 60 percent complete statewide, which is ahead of last year’s 52 percent but behind the 67 percent average. About 97 percent of the soybean crop had dropped leaves.
Soybean condition rated one percent very poor, four poor, 20 fair, 62 good, and 13 percent excellent.
Sorghum harvest was estimated at 22 percent complete. Sorghum condition rated two percent very poor, two poor, 13 fair, 67 good, and 16 excellent.