Columbus police officer provides update on illegal drugs in area

An example of cannabis “crumbles” with concentrated THC.

An investigator with the Columbus Police Department provided an update on illegal drugs circulating in the area during a program Thursday, Oct. 17, at the Boone County Health Center Kvam Room.
Yes, there are drug problems in area communities, said Investigator Jeremy Zywiec. He said many of the drugs they are finding in Columbus are also in Albion and towns of all sizes across the area. Zywiec is also a leader on the Specialized Narcotics Abuse Reduction Effort (SNARE) in Northeast Nebraska.
Joining Zywiec for the presentation was Jamie Rodriguez of the East Central District Health Department, Columbus.
Prominent Illegal Drugs
Methamphetamine and various products containing high levels of THC are the most prominent illegal drugs in the region. THC is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects. It provides the “high” in marijuana use, and affects areas of the brain associated with thinking, memory, pleasure, coordination and time perception.
Zywiec pointed out that the THC content of marijuana has changed considerably since it first became popular in the 1960s and 70s. Back then, the average THC content in marijuana was six to nine percent. Today, the THC content of typical marijuana is 22 to 25 percent.
But there’s more to the story. Today, THC products are available in concentrated forms, some of them as high as 70 to 96 percent in THC content.

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