Newman Grove

Fowlkes’ donate ambulance to ‘no kill’ animal shelter

Ambulance purchased by Dennis and Lynette Fowlkes for Dolly’s Legacy Animal Shelter in Lincoln.

Dolly’s Legacy Animal Shelter in Lincoln now has a rescue vehicle for endangered pets, courtesy of Newman Grove residents Dennis and Lynette Fowlkes.
They purchased a retired ambulance, with 20,000 miles on the odometer, from the City of Columbus and donated the vehicle, fully stocked with supplies, to Dolly’s Legacy. A Lincoln sign company donated the logo and graphics for the rescue vehicle.
Dolly’s Legacy is an all-volunteer “no kill” animal shelter founded in 2013 by their daughter, Kerri Kelly, as a way to save orphaned or abandoned pets from animal control facilities where they would otherwise be euthanized.
Dolly’s Legacy has provided rescue, veterinary treatment, placement in homes and transportation for more than 15,000 animals from facilities mostly in the southern U.S.
The shelter is named for Dolly, a Pekingese rescued by Kerri at age 11, who lived another 2 1/2 years after rescue and provided inspiration to start the shelter. The facilities from which animals are rescued have no adoption programs, so rescue is their only means of survival.