Commissioners hold conference with Road Department workers

Boone County Commissioners held a one-hour conference with all road department workers Monday, Oct. 28, in the District 2 County Road Shop.
The session was moved to the road shop as part of the commissioners’ regular monthly meeting, and was used to “clear the air” about several issues.
Stacey Ziemba, county highway superintendent, started with a review of county policies, including clock-in and work time. Workers are expected to begin their duties right after they clock in, said Ziemba. Also, they should not plan on going home for lunch, which means they should bring their lunch with them if working in rural locations.
Ziemba said there should be no “surprise invoices” for repairs or equipment parts. “Let me know what you need, and I’ll get it for you,” she said.
She noted that operators are required to perform their own routine maintenance, which includes oil and filter changes and other maintenance. Outside technicians charge as much as $175 per hour for this work, she said.
Ziemba noted that all equipment is county-owned, and sometimes a different operator will be assigned to use a specific machine. She emphasized that all employees are responsible for maintenance and cleaning of road equipment.
Regarding snow removal, Ziemba said road employees may be called on to work extra hours and weekends during the winter. She also discussed gravel stockpiles, timely submission of payroll information, and time off requests.
Commissioners Alan Rasmussen and Larry Temme complimented road employees on their work. Temme said they had some stressful times after the spring flooding, and employees need to hear both the good and bad.
Dan Stankoski, road foreman, expressed appreciation to the commissioners for recent equipment upgrades.
Other matters discussed at the meeting included problems with a fuel condition, fuel purchases from local dealers, diesel fuel blends, and wage and hour policies on holidays, vacation time and sick leave.

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