Petersburg Press

FINAL local Punkin’ Chunkin’ held last Sunday

Ken Henn was a pumpkin shooter

Attendance at the final Punkin’ Chunkin’ east of Petersburg was way down due to cold and chilly temperatures. The high last Sunday was 37 degrees with a strong north wind making it feel like 20 below.
However, 20 counties in Nebraska were registered and one out-of-state car from Oregon attended. This was down from the three to four states normally attending. Average attendance throughout the past 16 years was 1,000 people.
There were many Petersburg Community Club members on hand to help at the event, along with the Boy Scouts who remained until the final task was completed at the end of the event. John Temme was the MC for the afternoon.
Ralph Weeder once again shot his Grandpa’s Gun 4,042 feet, not quite making the record set in a previous year. Dave Jaeger of Milligan was the accuracy winner.
The DJT team made up of Dylan Baumgartner, James Fogelman and Tom Miller were the outhouse race winners. Two other teams competed.
Ella Fogelman dressed up and won the costume contest.
John Vanderford of Channels 10-11 interviewed Doug Wright, committee chairperson, previous to the event day for a segment to air on Pure Nebraska morning and evening shows on Oct. 31.
The community club hosted a supper at the Legion club following the event. Due to the weather and many farmers still harvesting, attendance was low. There were quite a few carry outs. Hamburgers were grilled by Legion members Clyde Stuhr and Boomer Baumgartner of the Petersburg Fire Department.