Bader steps down as city street foreman

RETIREMENT — Jim Bader, right, with Aaron Allgood at the open house last Friday in the city shop.

Jim Bader stepped down last week as Albion’s city street foreman after more than 25 years on the job.
He became the street foreman in April of 1994.
An open house was held in his honor at the city shop building last Friday afternoon, Nov. 1.
“It’s been a good life for the most part,” said Bader. “I have had some good co-workers.”
With a small staff for city maintenance and utility work, staff members from various departments work together on projects that require more personnel. This includes snow removal, which Bader said is the part of the job he will miss the least in retirement.
Aaron Allgood will initially take over the street foreman job.
Jim and his wife, Kelly, have four children and nine grandchildren, most of whom live in or near Albion. He said he plans to still work some in retirement, but will also enjoy more leisure time.